Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Bobby Brown

wanted to buy a jacket today but i think i saw the price wrongly the other time. the type that looks really nice costs like 40,000 yen!! thats like $700 and its not even branded.. i think i better head to zara.. at least their prices are not exorbitant. this is seriously crazy. and i was wondering how come i don't buy more Japanese brands for clothing.. well their size might fit but their numbers don't. at least the international brands are about equal in pricing all over the world. its really disgusting these prices here. and apparently the GST is going to become 7%. DAMN it! oh i know about this cos i saw a protest demonstration on the streets today. there were actually more than 100 people marching down the streets of OSaka. but it seemed pretty mild.. oh and i saw a major accident on saturday nite. 2 taxis involved. one was overturned and glass was all the road. the other one had its front all smashed in. they had to cut open the overturned one to rescue the driver. and i think luckily there were no casualties. cos i saw 4 teenage guys hanging around the area with the drivers apologising to the police. how polite are these people huh. but apparently not polite enuff to give way to each other so that the accident was avoided.


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