Monday, November 21, 2005


finally figured out how to use the VLOOKUP function in excel today. quite ez but was like wondering how come logically, the sums didn't add up. I guess figuring out the why behind the numbers is a good way to remember how to do these budgeting stuff. i mean, who doesn't know how to count money? its just that everyone has different ways of counting money and to learn someone's way, first you have to understand why he counts it that way. wahaha.. i sound so preachy.. but anyway.. apparently my questions made my sup stunned and stumped him for a while and he had to dig up some old files to check when they changed the method of calculations etc. cos they did some dumb percentage thing when all you had to was to add up the numbers. talk about redundant and inefficient. he also does the addition method so he was quite surprised when i said the 2 methods dun add up to the same figures. wahah! but after he explained, we started talking about games and i let him play burnout on my PSP for awhile and he got really exciting and it was quite funny watching him making exclamations when racing hehe.. he's 35 by the way.. so i guess at least we have one thing in common.. BURNOUT! woohoo!

btw, this wednesday is a public holiday here again. yAY!


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