Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Labour Day

today did nothing much hah.. woke up at 10.30 am unwillingly.. i guess thats really how tired i was .. although i really didn't do anything tenuous. weird. but had to wake up cos i needed to wash my bedsheets and it takes a whole day for the damn dryer to dry anything properly. helped ryo check his work stuff. impt days this week, cos of the financial results release and them having to meet investors and all, they had to prepare materials in both English and Jap and spent the whole day cooking his meals and checking his powerpoint slides and playing bejeweled 2 heh. i'm addicted to bejeweled.. watching harry potter on TV now.. yay! just saw the ad for the goblet of fire.. i must watch it! had 鍋料理 for dinner again & this time i pretty much prepared everything.. cos the poor guy was sooo busy with his work even though today was a holiday. oh well.. at least we spent the day together. (^-^) tomorrow work again . argh.

oh i bought bobby Brown Bronzing powder! wanted to buy MAC one actually after using Junli'S one when we were living in hall but i just couldN't tell which one it was at the jap counter. they had all sorts of weird stuff and the counter advisors looked like those tokyo ultra tanned blonde ah-lians. hehehe.. oh well.. but the Bobby Brown counter person was just less tanned but also lian. heheh.. i'll see if it works..


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