Friday, November 25, 2005

bejeweled 2

addicted (kinda) to the game Bejewled 2. cos of their new badges system, i feel the urge to earn all the badges and i can't stop playing until i do. argh

my supervisor left early today. some family emergency i think. which left me free the rest of the day to figure out work on my own. and to surf the net. wahaha. friday is like the worst day of the week cos there is just no mood to work. wore my uncomfortable pair of boots today and felt really tall. heh.. but of cos feet hurt after that, although not as much as the first time.

went to Tsutaya and rented to DVDs to watch while eating my lonely dinner. sad hor. heh.. but anyway, after the trip to Universal Studios with Jaclyn, was very very gian to watch Backdraft. the whole idea of the fire exploding and moving backwards air thing is super intriguing. its an old movie with firemen and super duper exciting action movie. i haven't watched it though, planning to watch it tomorrow with rYo. also rented Legally Blonde 2.. heard jiunlih said it was very funny blah blah and was just suddenly in the mood to watch chick flicks and comedies again. was even tempted to rent shrek just to watch and feel happy but stopped myself b4 i could waste the money. hiakx..

going to see autumn leaves with Jaclyn tommorrow.. at 箕面park (Minoo) haven't walked around in the nature for a while, hope i still have the stamina. (-.-!)


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