Monday, November 28, 2005

Swollen Eyes

yah i cried and cried last night after the show and even after i got off the phone last nite i was still sniffling and i was too far gone for my eyes to get better in time to sleep. and when u sleep after you cry, you wake up with swollen eyes. haiz. so this morning i could barely open my eyes.. but managed to get myself out on time to catch the train (deja vu; here comes the same story again.. ) haha.yah.. and he told me bout his plans of buying a house with his gf during the weekend and how he celebrated her bday on sunday (nothing special; just a dinner haha) and it was like so xing fu! as in.. even hearing it from him, i feel so happy and excited for him that he has found this right person and they are planning a life together liaoz. and its like when you get to share such happiness you feel so happy for them and u're influenced by their enthusiasm and happiness too. this is one of the rare days that i actually walked home alone with a spring in my step and feeling pretty light and cheerful and it wasn't too cold an evening too. (^-^)

this morning I made the announcements for the CAPCOM R&D building! we have like an announcement every morning at 9am to tell everyone to start work. and this is on a roster basis every week and like this week it was me. it was soooo embarrassing cos everyone could tell it wasn't a japanese who spoke, i dunno maybe i spoke too slowly.. but super duper paiseh after that even though it was really just work. yikes. now the whole building knows who i am. (#-.-#) haiz.. but at least it wasn't for anything bad.

okie going to sleep earlier today.. i actually almost fell asleep at work again at my desk when i already slept at like midnite yesterday. how much earlier should I sleep? argh.


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