Tuesday, November 29, 2005

let's talk about...

mm let's talk about me?
haha its my blog of cos talk bout me, else talk about you meh?

was reading yingyan's blog today and i realise its almost been a year since i saw her. and the last time we met is still so fresh in my head. me her and mingjie in Nude (indochine) having a blast talking crap. heh.. she is totally right.. some of us can don't meet for super long yet we can never lose the familiarity we have with each other and fall into place as though we had just met yesterday. no awkwardness, i guess thats really friendship bah.

tired today. brain is tired i guess. spent the whole work day reverse engineering a excel sheet of the budget figures and i actually almost finished when i closed that stupid sheet by mistake and press No when they asked if i wanted to save. ARGH!! i was so dulan after that cos it was like 2 full sheets of excel workings i didn't save!! haiz. then worse still it was already like nearly 5pm when that happened. i mean, i don't have to hand in my work but i hated to leave things incomplete before going home. and i Also dun want to leave past 6pm. dilemma hor. sianz. then i piah all the numbers and drag all the formulas everywhere and manage to finish one sheet b4 realising one row didn't tally with the original. siao liaoz. no choice but to ask my sup wats the formula for that row after like half hour later cos i still couldn't figure it out and turns out it was not possible to calculate from the figures i had and he sorta explained to me how it was derived and i half understood only but i guess i have to figure it out myself again bah. sighz. but at least i really did use my brains here in this dept.

finally wednesday tomorrow. 2 more days b4 he comes back.


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