Sunday, December 04, 2005

Arashiyama  嵐山

went to see autumn leaves again but this time in Kyoto (Arashiyama) 嵐山 which is actually quite near my place (ok bout an hour away but all hankyu trains) but it was not bad cos i discovered a Johnny's shoP!!! wahahaha!! it was by accident somemore.. i was just walking around looking for a place to eat and i was trying to read the katakana name of the shops and i was like reading Johnny (in jap) at the side of the building and i was like huh, how come this shop named johnny, reminds me of Johnny's management and Ryo suddenly said hey its a Johnny's shop! and i finally saw the front of the shop:

There'S a Johnny's store in Kyoto and i chanced upon it!!

woohoo! in case u dunno, Johnny's is the management company of SMAP, V6, Tokio, Kinki Kids, Takizawa Hideaki and other super cute male groups. they sell like the concert fotos and goods of these artistes and also backstage photos. woohoO! but pity not allowed to tk any photos inside.. so took a look around and bought takizawa 滝澤秀明 poster for my sis. hehe!! pity smap goods nothing at all except the concert fan which i already have. gah. but at least i've seen one shop! shinsaibashi has another one i t hink, but haven't seen it yet. wahaha! this year has been a great year, i nv thought that i would ever see a SMAP concert/kimura Takuya in real life. even though of cos its not that i talked to him or that he knows me personally, that's good enuff for me!!

guess this year has been pretty much dream come true. living away from home, in japan where i've always wanted to be in, disneyland, kimura takuya, smap, Universal studios, hokkaido this month.. and i think prolly grew up alot too. might have great news next year i think. given what has happened recently.. feeling alot happier and i think i can say that 2005 has been a great year despite being depressed and alone for alot of the year but towards the end, i guess i can say i have never felt happier. hopefully next year will be as good if not better.

anyway, the leaves in Kyoto have almost all turned red with many of the trees having lost their leaves as well. i guess last week was the best season but the leaves were very bright red and it was super cold. so cold until my ears hurt. we had wanted to rent bicycles and cycle around but it seems that most people walked and it was too cold to cycle without gloves and all. luckily we did that, cos there were so many uphill areas and that it would have been really difficult to take photos. but anyway.. i think i managed to make the pictures better colour. the trip to Minoo park dunno why the pictures look very washed out. anyway.. picts here:

mix of autumn leaves and green leaves.. i think all the colours prolly are here

a totally red tree

a view of kYoto.. i like the clouds

this looks like those u see in the phamphlet of Kyoto tourism..

and me posing with a tree hehe..

more photos in my flickr page.. (^-^)

forgot to say i also watched harry potter! but.. not that great. cut out world cup quidditch to just cOrnelius fudge opening the finals. thats all. and ron got realli dumpy and fat and hermoine like become kan cheong spider the whole show, always frowning. like mm yah she very girly suddenly. the triwizard task with the maze was also very poorly done. and no more dobby some of the main elements were changed. aiyah, exciting but i didn't like it. cos all that was going on in my head was just that "man! they changed this/that again!" hmm. go read the book la. even after the movie, ryo was so puzzled bout many things. cos he didnt watch the front movies, and the books havent been read yet. but just by watching the previous episodes u wont understand many of the vital points oso. i dun remember ginny looking so erh.. sallow? and pale? weird la the whole thing.


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