Sunday, December 11, 2005

last outing with Jaclyn

just woke up. Ryo's off to Hong Kong tonight for a business trip, then Singapore on Tuesday and Wednesday to KL and then back on Thursday. haiz. dunno why abit of headache now, think i caught a cold by sleeping in the buff last night. (#-.-#)

went shopping with Jaclyn at Shinsaibashi yesterday and there was this humongous sale at this leather goods store where everything was at the price of \5000! considering it was leather goods, i bought like a work-type bag for more serious attire and a casual sling back and a small little bag for shopping etc. and she bought a bag for her mom so i prolly can't buy any bags for the rest of the year haha! before the sale, we had lunch at a sushi buffet, and i realised how much my apetite had dropped when i could only eat like 7 plates of sushi and i was full while she ate 15 i think. arhh! ok la. i guess its nothing bad.. and then after the sale, we sat at Mac's to rest and me to drink coke haha. we sat there and i was telling her wat was good at Yokohama cos i passed her the guide book and we sat there just resting and zoboing for an hour ..

we walked around somemore and although it was like only 5pm, the skies were already dark. i bought more socks.. and there was a adidas sale at its shop! very cool, almost all the things were cheaper than usual but in the end i didn't buy anything but a ski cap. wanted a pair of track pants from there but i just couldn't bear to bring myself to buy a pair of tracks pants that cost nearly $100. after that we walked around in search of the Nike Shop and we saw a huge Apple Shop opposite it and there was a live performance by DJ A-1. dunno if he's famous or not, but he's japanese and he was in the states for a few years b4 returning this year. he's quite cool at the live performance, a little chubby and very jovial look. and his tunes sounded so good almost everyone was bobbing their head to them. and we received a free itune card to be used in the itunes shop. hehe! the nike shop however, was quite a disappointment, nothing interesting.

after that we had dinner at a taiwanese mala pot restaurant. it was gooood! the soup was spicier than last time and they had more shell products in the ingredients. dunno what they added but we were so hungry and it all tasted so good that we had almost finished our food when Ryo came at 8 plus. he ordered more food, and we actually managed to finish EVERYTHING! i think jaclyn more than me haha. but it was really really good, i love to eat 鍋料理, all these pot type of food reminds me alot of steamboats which i just love to eat. when ryo came, we told him the spicy side was really spicy today and he took just a sip and he had to drink his drink up. whaah.. enjoyed myself alot yesterday..

after that took pic with Jaclyn ..
me & Jaclyn

i don't look so fat anymore hor! hehe.. but i'm going to miss this girl alot. she was the only person i went out with besides Ryo this whole 4 months, and i will be very lonely again next year w/o anione around again.


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