Friday, December 09, 2005

Oyster Bar

i received my Mario Kart DS game today! in the evening actually, i had wanted to go make a new pair of specs but turns out i still look ok in my old pair. the laptop is really killing my eyes at work and i think i have to wear specs more often to work instead. but anyway.. was supposed to go make specs and Hongsing offered to go with me but cos the games came so i rushed back to the dorm and collect the games from the caretaker b4 going back to umeda again. but I'm glad we did, cos i think we waited for bout 40 min to go into the oyster bar at NU chayamachi. have been wanting to go eversince it opened and had a super bad craving for oysters. can still remember the oysters i ate at kublaikhan. YUM... so we played mario kart while waiting and it was sooo fun! the racing mode that is.. the other modes are difficult, and not that fun for just 2 people. anyway.. the oysters were well worth the wait. it was bout 9.30pm by the time we sat down and we ordered a platter of like assorted oysters, from seattle, hokkaido and tazmania. the western oysters were pretty small, but the hokkaido one was like huge! super fresh and we felt really good after eating it. we shared a platter of 8 but it wasn't really enough .. craving for more! after that we shared a pasta and ordered another round of oysters, this time baked. hehe... good feast huh.. haven't eaten such a good meal in a long time. been saving money and having a diet of vegetables recently and it worked! lost 2 kg and my fats level decreased to 19%. i just hope they're not from all the wrong places. i realise eating less meat is good for the skin. less toxins or something, but basically breakout less. also ate more fish and i realise i don't really like fried food. once in a while is ok but i get sore throats easily and i don't like the smell of recycled oil. something like the smell of Mac's or KFC but yah.. the kind of smell oil used for many many rounds of frying gives out. yah.. but i like fish (in soup/steamed) n of cos curry fish head haha.. hmm .. had a huge argument last night. why do guys like to give promises or say fake things to make u happy and then contradict themselves after that?? won't that make the situation worse?? haiz. dunno la. i realise we have actually only 3 months left together. watever will be will be.


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