Saturday, December 17, 2005

ski wear

at ryo's house now playing PS.. was supposed to be making greeting cards for the new year but he's still printing for his parents and his printer is really slow. (2 min printing time for each card!)

but this morning, went to his brother's house to try on his sister in law's ski wear to see if i could fit into hers. she's only 1.5m tall so the pants were a little bit of a problem but the jacket was ok! yay! was afraid i would have to buy and full ski gear can cost up to like almost S$2000! cos i checked the rental rates of ski wear at the ski area and it was 4000 yen per day.. so to ski for 2 days would cost 8000 yen! more than $100 liaoz lor.. and if i were to go ski a few more times, then i might as well buy ski wear liaoz with the cost. somemore to join the ski lessons for 2hours, is about 4000 yen as well. too ex too ex! so it was really a big help that his sister in law could lend me. yay! and we passed the F4 items my sis bought for me to her and she was soooo happy! F4 is like just becoming popular here with aunties (?) and she had been asking me to get F4 stuff for her from Singapore. hehe.. luckily there were lots of people selling off their stuff from last time.. cheaply (^-^)v .. so it was all good.. am going there for dinner later.. 鍋料理 i suppose.. its the best warm thing to eat during winter.. its actually just steamboat lor.. but i like it! cos not oily and i can pick what i like to eat from it. heh..

its supposed to snow tomorrow.. i can't wait! the weather report here is usually accurate... i can't wait!


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