Wednesday, December 21, 2005

i hate packing!!!

hate to pack luggage when my room is still in such a mess! argh.. can't find my clothes this and that and because it is so cold in hokkaido now, i'm like packing almost all my clothes for just 4 days in case i freeze.. haiz. sleepy.. but realised i have to print out all my new year cards first so that i can write and mail them like tomorrow.. have to remember to trim my eyebrows tomorrow too.. zz.

had dinner with my team today.. 4 of us and our team leader treated us.. had fun i guess but its just different from the corporate planning team. hmm i guess the age difference is oe thing and the mo qi still not built up yet. oh well..

okie will try to blog more tomorrow but i really gotta go sleep liaoz. zzz


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