Friday, December 23, 2005


first time for alot of things.

first time i see a snow storm from my room. that lasted more than 4 hours. and was that kind that actually accumulated at least 12 cm of snow on the ground. in osaka yesterday b4 my flight. woke up at 7 plus to get a call from another one of the singaporeans that it was snowing. i was thinking it was a 10 min snow again and was quite reluctant to go down but i was glad i did. but by 11am it was still snwing and i was quite afraid that the flight to hokkaido was going to be cancelled. cos alot of places flight cancelled, blackouts etc. the trains and all that was late oso, expressways were closed etc. anyway.. nothing happened, the flight was smooth, there was no snowfall at the time of the flight and the weather had cleared up. apparently, it snowed hard every year during winter solstice. but this year was the first time in 12 years that had such dire effects.

went ski-ing today!! it was tiring, and scary when i almost ski-ed off the mountain cos i couldn't really control the direction or speed at the start and there was this horrible steep slope at the beginner's course.in the end, i was half ski-ing sideways to prevent myself from going down too fast and fell down alot of times because i couldn't stop and that was the only way to stop was to fall. but towards the end of the slope, was getting more of the hang of it and am so proud of myself for completing the course. had a basic lesson in the morning for 2 hours by one of the ski instructors at the Sapporo international Ski Center, and then went up the ski lift with Ryo. the ski lift was so scary!! cos the skis were seriously very heavy for me and i was afraid i would slide through the guard rails on the lift like the NTUC escape theme park accident where the two girls slid off the roller coaster ride cos they were too thin for the guard rails. ... but there was kids who were like speed ski-ing like pros down the slope and i was so amazed. alot of snowboarders which looked like it was a very cool thing to do but i think i should prolly practise ski-ing tomorrow again to at least be able to ski down the basic slope without taking an hour half hehe.

now muscles sore and i think i am abit sunburnt but it was great fun i guess. the place was covered with snow, at -5.2 degrees celsius.. and the weather was great without any snowfall to affect visibility. but it was true. u exerted so much energy that u didn't feel cold at all. i was even perspiring under the clothes. there was only light snowfall when i went for lunch and at the end when i had to go back. the sun set at 4pm. haha.. so early.. so i guess today's weather was actually quite perfect. calves and knees hurting.. dunno if tomorrow can wake up hehe.. will post up the photos after i go back. in Sheraton Sapporo by the way..

we had dinner at a 焼海鮮 place in すすきの (Susukino) a place like Kabukicho in Tokyo, something like the hub of sapporo and we actually had dinner at the same place both yesterday and tonite cos the food there was so good. tried different food both days and everything was great! especially the bBq crab and the cheese korroke. the seafood here is super delicious and i had like the biggest scallop in my life yesterday, size of 5 normal scallops. hehe..

okie.. have to sleep .. waking up at 6.30am tomorrow..


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