Monday, January 02, 2006


Happy New year!

i apologise for the lack of updates but i've been pretty much outdoors ever since my sister & her bf came from hokkaido. Been sightseeing with them and after that spending New year at Ryo's place doing nothing much but watching tV.

aniway.. sis came on 29th evening, 29th daytime was spent helping Ryo clean up his room for New year. had dinner for the first time in his place, it was quite delicious cept for the leftover onions on the plate. felt quite embarrassed for doing that but i really can't eat them or i'll die!! haha.. but that day was clouded by flu and fever, the kind where u can't stop the nose dripping & u just keep sneezing no matter what. anyway.. picked up my sis & calvin her bf at the station and we had くら寿司 conveyor belt sushi for a late dinner. when they came to my room, realised it was abit cramped but lucky i borrowed the sleeping bag cos he totally used it.

so the next day we went around Osaka, me oso buying the umlimited bus rides tickets cos entrance was included and it was quite fun cos we went to places where i haven't been to too.

wei & me at Nankinmachi (kobe Chinatown)

Brought them to Chinatown in Kobe, after that we had lunch at a porridge restaurant i didn't know existed. it was pretty good, realised i missed chinese food alot though u would never catch me eating porridge in Singapore at all.. now mentioning it, i have such a huge craving for Frogs' legs porridge from Geylang... (T.T) anyway.. we went to tennoji 四天王寺、one of the major temples in Osaka,

me at 四天王寺

we also went to 2 radio towers, one near the temple


and one near Umeda.

floating garden observatory
we were at the top of that round structure right at the top!

the Umeda one is a famous observatory sky garden tower at the 40th storey and it was pretty scary at nite cos the elevators were hanging in mid air. scary shit especially if you're afraid of heights. but the scenery were breathtaking.

we wanted to go to the zoo Tennoji Zoo and the art museum tennoji Art Museum but everything was closed during this year end new year holidays...

and we also chanced upon Japan's Yangtze cinema:

Japanese Yangtze cinema
the rightmost poster's title says "my best friend's shy mom" hehehe..

then we went to Kyoto 清水寺 the next day with ryo and we had breakfast at Mac's cos Calvin was craving fast food. then we set off to kYoto and we spent quite a bit of time sampling food at the various shops.. cos they had hot tea for free oso and it was super cold in Kyoto so i guess everyone hanged around the shop for that reason.but we went to the temple, it was quite crowded cos every one was doing some last minute prayers for the new year. after that we went to 平安神宮. i love this place cos its soo big and its free entry! haha.. but we had alot of food that day.. ate Okonomiyaki for lunch, rice cake desserts for tea, and korean bbq for dinner. all Ryo's treat. :s quite paiseh, but since i asked and he declined me paying him, i let him. and then at nite, we went to another temple, can't rem the name and they were having pasar malam for people who were going to countdown there. at nite, slept throught the countdown program cos i was soo tired from the night b4 when i had met the other singaporean trainees after i had come back from the sightseeing and they went to chit chat and eat until 4.30 am . zzzz.

but past 2 days of new year spent at Ryo's place. not to bai nian, they dun do that here, but just to have meals and say hi to his parents and after that laze in the room and play games and watch TV the whole day. the programs are very interesting during new year, alot of comedy variety shows. been playin Kingdom hearts 2 too.. getting stuck again cos of unknown goals. gr.. i will perservere!! but anyway.. photos at flickr.. take a look!


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