Thursday, January 05, 2006

lazy bum

ahh been very lazy in posting up the pics from kyoto. zz

and have nothing much to blog about these few days except that work has become considerably easier now that i've done it more than a few times.

ooh and my boss seemed very surprised to have me sent a new year card to him and greeted him happy new year on the first day back to work yesterday.. i guess japanese people are very very proud of their culture after all. He was quite happy when i gave them tidbits from hokkaido liaoz and i guess these sort of sealed the good impression i've been giving him. He was asking me since when did i learnt i was supposed to do such things (like greet the boss on New Year Day first thing in the morning, send new year cards to ur boss and write in polite Japanese, give tidbits to your colleagues after taking a holiday..) hee hee i couldn't possibly say Ryo told me all these things right? so i just said, everybody gave me tidbits when they went on holiday so it was polite to give them something when i took a holiday too blah blah and then he said it was great that i seemed to have learnt so much regarding their customs and told me to ganbatte in the new year in my work. hee hee! like a huge pat on the back and he smiles at me in the morning nowadays too when he used to just sorta ignored me in the past. (^-^) so happy! and all the other superiors/mgmt people who received my cards were pleasantly surprised i guess, even the CFO, and he sent me a card back! all thanks to Ryo!! muakzzz!!! i guess he really has been a great mentor to me in terms of jAp office business manners and EQ in the Jap office. besides money matters etc as well. dinner with him tomorrow and its a long weekend again (monday's a Public Holiday again! YAY!) can't wait!!

have received about 10 cards liaoz and most are from people i actually wanted to receive cards from. feeling pretty happy to come back home and receive like 2 / 3 cards everyday. hopefully this good start to the year will persist.


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