Sunday, January 22, 2006


been procrastinating bout posting. usually i'll blog at work but its been busy these few days that i haven't had much time to slack and post up anything at all. i finally have the hair length of jennifer aniston in friends!! hoho!HOHO ! but its realli hard to manage and its of cos not as smooth & silky as hers but I'm trying hard to change that. but aniway. the expression on his face was worth it! i took off my jacket (cos my hair was under it) and then he was like huh? wats the surprise? then i turned around and he was just looking blindly, not knowing wat changed until it suddenly registered that OMIGOD! your hair is waist length! ok la.. not waist length but at least mid back. wahahah..! he was like How? how? how did that happen? and i just smiled secretly hehe. but yah.. yesterday was like makeover day. in the morning, i went for the makeup lesson he wanted me to join and it was quite enlightening although i still think doing everything is very troublesome, waste time and bad for my face although i really looked very very good after that. learnt some stuff i nv knew too.. basically the trick was to give the face a 3D feeling and bright and healthy. but .. theory is one thing but doing is really another. the eyes are the hardest part i feel, esp the eyeliner part. the mascara i kept messing up oso.. its realli easy to get the mascara on the face instead of the eyelash by accident. darn. must learn to get more steady hands.


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