Thursday, January 19, 2006

bouncing back

yay! after much fixing for an hour last night, managed to complete the damn excel in 2 hours this morning and send it to my boss b4 i had to go collect my Japanese visa for the rest of the stay in japan. trainee visa, not VISA card visa. but he was impressed, although the file was too full with formulas because i had to do if-then-else checks for almost all the cells. but .. anyway.. had to do some other super tedious work of checking files for changes made, records of almost all the employees in the R&D building. i almost fainted doing that.. there were 8 files to be checked and about 600 records to be checked if there were any changes in each record as compared to the original master file. not difficult but ... haiz.. super tedious. did it in 3 hours.. luckily i didn't push it to tomorrow, because only at the end when i had shown my sup the work was finished he asked me to combine all the changed details into a new master file. almost fainted but i guess its just work that some one should have written a program for doing such thing long ago...


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