Sunday, January 15, 2006

Peking Duck

paiseh.. sorry to all the people who msged me when i online and i nv replied today. i was playing the Sims 2 and my comp has only 256MB ram so i couldn't multitask, ie, if i switched windows the damn game would hang. :s paiseh paiseh.

but.. since i am here, and not ski-ing, the ski plans were changed. because of the dumb weather. it was raining like mad yesterday, so the ski-ing was like put on hold and we called them to ask they said the conditions were bad for ski-ing cos of the slushy snow, and today it was too warm (12 degreeS?) so obviously the snow wasn't any good as well so i guess it was actually a relief for me to have Ryo himself cancel the ski trip. oh, and his frens got flu one by one and backed out so it would have been only us anyway. too bad.

had my first facial in jApan yesterday at a place cheaper than most and it felt great. my face is sooo smooth now and i think i fell asleep in there. hehe.. but the face massage thing felt really goood. think i shall make this a monthly affair if possible. if i dun pamper and take care of my skin when young, wait until old meh?

had some fight yesterday and battle of wills apparently. he was being his stupid self bout not letting other staff of the company see him, and 2 idiots were planning wireless games in the lobby. he could actually have entered without being noticed since the 2 people were so engrossed in their games but he refused to and told me to prepare dinner first. so i prepared and waited and waited. for 2 hours. and obviously, gamers would play until at least 3 - 4 am before retiring to their rooms on a saturday night. ... so i was duper pissed off at his childishness and i just stood in the cold with only a normal t-shirt and some cotton pants and said i would wait there until he went up. he let me stand there for an hour b4 making a move to ask me to go into the car and an hour half b4 he even got out of the car to try to move me physically. b4 that, he just sat in his warm car and watched me stand there shivering. i couldn't believe what a jerk he was being. until like about 2 hours later, at 2+am, where my dinner was still getting cold in the room, i think i couldn't stand up anymore and keeled over and he finally came over and scooped me up and pushed me into the car. and tried to rub warmth into my freezing arms and back. he didn't make any move to go up and i went out into the cold again but i didn't last very long this time. had to had him pick me up when i fell over again. i guess you just lose ur senses when u become too cold. but at least i noe u wont die if you stand in the cold for 2 hours plus. .. haiz, lose alot of heart in this relationship suddenly. he has been showing a lot of Jerk factor recently. alot. i give in until i'm so tired and my principles / char have been worn down until i cannot just keep quiet liao.

but, things are sorta back to normal in the morning. went shopping late afternoon for an outfit for my colleague's weddin party next week, cos this is like the last day of winter sales in Japan. managed to buy a pretty great skirt, only bout $20 hehe. didn't see any top i like, but bought 2 bohemian styled tops from ZARA. oso having a sale by the way heh.. after which we went to a Peking Duck restaurant. had been craving for some ever since i started having cable tv cos Discovery Channel keeps showing programs about imperial banquets and famous dishes of China. everytime i'll be drooling while watching these shows. the place we went to was pretty good and they undercharged me! i didn't realise until i was at the escalator and i was like it looked a little empty, the receipt until i realised they didn't charge me for the soup! oops. in japan thats like 1200 yen, about $17 for a small bowl and it was a substantial amt of non-payment for me.. so .. of cos we hurried away in case they realised. hehe.. but too bad lor. i didn't not pay on purpose, they counted wrongly themselves. my duty is only to pay what they tell me wor. :s but the food was delicious actually, spare ribs etc. the Peking duck slices should have been thicker though ahah. they really only gave us the skin damn it. where got any taste without the fats?! oh well.. i must eat it back in singapore again. so 2 of us chalked up a bill of bout 7700 yen, about S$120? yah.. only 5 dish meal lor.. one bowl of rice is 200yen ($3?) in almost all eating places. and one dish is bout 1500 yen ($25). so a meal of 5000-6000 yen outside is the norm. :s


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