Tuesday, January 24, 2006

columbine high

watching the reenactment of the columbine high shootings now. its very very horrible. the worst happened to the good kids who were studying in the library. they hid under the tables and the killers just walked around shooting under the tables without even looking to see who was there. haiz. and some kids were barely 15 years old. very very tragic. why they allow guns in a country where the terrorist risk is soooo high now? what about internal terrorism??

and i discovered a channel that shows adult shows after 10pm. hohoho. for the past few days, its been showing shows about a female driving instructor and her sad life. yesterday's episode was about her bf cheating on her. and he always never answer her calls. & she has to masturbate because she is so lonely... and how in the male-dominated driving industry (and her office) she got raped twice by her collegues. (#-.-#) hee hee.. but at the end, her driving student becomes her fren and on one of the lessons, they caught the bf and the girl he was sneaking around with crossing the road hand-in-hand. .... and she becomes very depressed. but... when all seems dark, the student comes to her place to tell her he has passed his driving! yay! and ... she hugs him to congratulate him and then... the hug lingers a little too long.. and becomes full fledged wonderful sex for 10 min of screen time. hoho... at least this had a story. i tot it would be a love story or wat at the end.. but in the end she just cheers up and they part happily with her having a better outlook of life. hohohohoho....

at work. my boss is super impressed with my excel document. because i managed to shrink a humongous file of 20 MB into 5MB and recalculatable. wahaha. of cos start to end its my own work with his input, but this is major work, cos its the base for the budgeting of next year's titles. his old file that i was supposed to was all manual keying in of numbers. and he told me to automate all the figures from another table. hoho. and of cos i did it! hehe.. he has now deemed me able to proceed with more responbsibilities than b4 and key work in planning the company's R&D schedules and budget shall be entrusted to me in the future. hohohoho!


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