Tuesday, February 07, 2006


i watched the documentary bout Katrina & the damages it caused on Discovery Channel just now. it was horrible. i couldn't help but start crying when they were showing the kids in New Orleans, the refugees of the devastation, they had no food and their parents were gone. and we are just all so lucky to be in sheltered Singapore with no natural disasters.

today was feeling very down. i have no idea why.. but basically was angry at some people for backing out of the plans at the last minute. again. always the whole last year and still again he does it this year. haiz. dun jio such people liao. and i have had no work for like 4 days liao? surfin net the whole day is very tiring. on the eyes. i could blog but i got so bored & i was so depressed today i didn't feel like doing anything constructive at all. sian. then i came to reading websites bout foreigners and their difficult experiences with the bureaucratic system of Japan. this american guy became a naturalized Japanese citizen, and he had to adopt a Japanese name. so weird. why the guy cannot just retain his name and be a jap citizen too? i guess i'll never understand that.


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