Sunday, February 05, 2006

the weekend is over

so fast.. tomorrow monday again.. zzz

went to take off the hair extensions, cos they were seriously dropping like flies (?) but basically, the hairs were very dry, kept getting tangled up and when i combed, strands kept dropping off and i think the attached part kept becoming looser and looser until it dropped off. the last straw (strand?) came about when i woke up this morning and found a bunch on my pillow. argh!! it had dropped off when i had tossed & turned in the night i suppose. grrrr. so in the end, since ryo had wanted to go cut his hair today, i tagged along and told the stylist bout the latest developments (3 bunches had slipped off my hair this week) and i said its really troublesome, both for him to keep reattaching new hair everyweek, and for me to keep on going there every week and i couldn't wash my hair properly too so could i just do a hair dye job in place of the extension? my hidden agenda was that it would be for free but i didn't say it and i think he understood too.. cos in the end i didn't have to pay. and dyed my hair a pink based brown. it sounds a bit weird.. i dunno how to describe oso.. but just look out in the future pics i suppose hah..

but anyway.. was at home playing the Sims today & yesterday, cooked my first real jap dish yesterday by following some jap cookbook, its like nuo4 mi3 fan4, just throw everything in the rice cooker. but it turned out to be quite delicious except abit soggy so i guess thats a good start hoho. bought Puyo Puyo pop 2 for PSP, a big improvement from Puyo Pop 1. ooh and oso must say a BIG thankyou to Hong Sing for bringing back (helping me to buy !) 2 x 512MB RAM for my laptop in such short notice. on his last day no less, thanks to Yaohui, Jac and Evelyn who were all frantically helping me to get hold of Hong Sing whose handfone had a broken mic. ermmmmmm... but yay!! managed to attach the RAM and i'm sooo happy with my powerful laptop now.. so thanks soooo much guys.. !


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