Monday, January 30, 2006

okie.. been really really lazy in posting this weekend. anyway.. my major proj was like over (for the time being) on friday after i sent out the template to everyone. and someone caught mistakes almost immediately. ....

but anyway.. went for the 2nd makeup lesson during the weekend and i seriously suck at putting on eyeliner. so difficult!! how to put on something on ur eye with just one eye open?! but anyway, the weekend was ok, except for the ultra boring dinner. i was quite angry that it was so disorganised. i was late because i couldn't find the place and when i found it, there were only seats btw strangers left. so the whole nite (2 hours only) i sat at the reception area. and didn't see much of anything like the couple video or wat. oh well. and i didn't get to eat much too. very very irritated. so the dinner ended at like 8? and i was like thinking i would just leave and no one would notice. bah. won't go to any of these stupid dinners anymore. the only consolation was that everyone said i looked really pretty and my dressing was quite cool. hehehe..

so after the dinner, came back to Ryo who was waiting for me to get dinner for him. haiz. there was no rice left in my room and after the horrible dinner and the whole wkend of cleaning & cooking, i seriously had no mood to cook anymore. and the dishes were still unwashed at the sink. so i asked him to wash the dishes but he said if need to wash then no need to cook. so i was like .. haiz.sianz half. and i was like really tired liao so i guess it took alot of effort to not quarrel with him or wat. in the end cooked some soup with whatever the fridge had (soup is easy, just dump everything into water and u get soup) and then luckily i had bought kimchi so at least in the end had something. so .. managed to fill his stomach & everything was ok again. :s men are such babies. haiz.

after that armageddon was showing on TV and i realised i had nv watched it before. yah i noe singapore tv showed it alot of times but yesterday was the first time i really watched the whole show. everytime i only watched a little here and there. hmm.. but apparently, this is his fav show. and other earth doomsday type show, like independence day. something to know i guess..


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