Sunday, February 12, 2006

chiong & puke

went to this club in Shinsaibashi last nite. Club Azure is a club my jap fren recommended so we went at bout 11pm. hip hop and all. first time clubbing in Japan, first time i wore sneakers to chiong haha.. cos it was too cold and i didnt want to wear a skirt just so i could wear heels which would mean that i had to wear stockings. hehehe..but aniway.. did up nice hair & makeup so i would say i looked quite good definitely. the most impt part of nite make up is really the eyes..

okie.. when we went in, we got a big shock. no one inside, just a few little cats. we felt like erm.. kena cheated? so we went to the top level(which was also empty) which was brighter, more like a pub and we could sit and chill & music more jazzy.. at 12midnite we were deciding whether to leave cos the club was still so quiet so we went bck to the first floor which by then was filling up with people who were pretty pro at hip hop. and it was getting crowded and more girls so i tot it had become pretty good by then. i had only 4 drinks, kahlua milk, bloody mary, vodka lime, cassis orange and i felt very giddy and sleepy and we went back to the jazz part. we sat down and suddenly felt very pukish. couldn't really control and just had to cover my mouth and run to the toilet. and puked and puked. when i tot it was safer to stand up and walk, we left and i puked by the roadside again. ONLY 4 drinks!!! :s very jialat. and then in the cab puked again twice (into the plastic bag) then when we reached the dorm, puked in the drain outside. i think i prolly had emptied out all my insides by then but the want to puke feeling didnt stop me from trying to upheave my tummy.. so went up to my room and puked again. in the loo. and luckily hongsing stayed around to give me some hot water and wipe my face and cleaned my face up abit. :s

woke up at 8 this morning with the headache still and managed to call ryo to talk to him b4 he leaves for his US business trip . sianz. one wk without him, esp on vday. okie i guess.. cooked him a delicious dinner yesterday b4 he had to go home with watever there was left in the fridge hehe. i noe how to make mapo tofu le! i noe how they got the tofu all mashy and all liao. hehe.. but seriously, my instinct on wat sauces to add and wat combi of ingredients to use together is pretty good.

oh.. i also sold my PSP on friday. the button problem hit my limit and i sold it for 14,000 yen at the second hand game store. they actually detected the problem when checking but i managed to make it go away and the guy couldn't get it to come back and he was puzzled but he had no reason to purchase it hehe. so i sold it! now debating whether to replace it with a white pSP, the value or the Giga pack. the difference in price is bout 5000 yen for the difference in memory stick size 1GB instead of 32MB. hmmmmm ...

and friday was the latest i ever stayed to do real work. was supposed to have met ryo for dinner, but the budget stuff dued to be submitted on friday could not be completed due to mistakes by the producers' assistants. they were supposed to have sent it to me on tue but the deadline extended to thurs and i had to collate everything and recheck and confirm figures with them b4 collating the figures in the templates finance had given me. it was finally completed at 9pm and only my sup and i were still in the office. yikes. haiz. but big sense of achievement. i think i am a slacker at work, like to do things at my own pace, but will definitely meet deadlines rather than zobo. :s contradictory. hor..


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