Wednesday, February 08, 2006

3 days

2 more posts to 1000. hehe

today another 暇な day. surfed net.. tried to make some constructive excel tables of some info i always use like sales budgets etc.. but it got boring really quickly and it made me sleepy. so i went back to surfing net again i think. i actually can't remember what i did today. possibly spent alot of time chatting on MSN also. yah seriously can't remember. hehe..

had dinner with Kana cos its her bday and other corporate planning people. missed the socialising & dinners with them, cos my team leader is like 31years old, trying very hard to be metrosexual.. and we always jibe at each other. when i make fun of his age.. saying he's old, he will say my life experience too little, or he will just say i am 煩い and act irritated. and he makes fun of things i get from Ryo ( that i do not take too kindly to, cos the presents & Ryo's efforts mean alot to me) and i will really get irritated and ask him is that wat he gives to his gfs? fake branded goods? oh well.. but overall, fun dinner, and i was able to not get sleepy after a tequila sunrise and a bloody mary. first time drinking a bloody mary, the tomato juice was delish but the vodka tasted bitter. but the food was pretty good too. catching up on the gossip in the head corporate planning side, making fun of one another.. haiz. the new dept is all married people so the socialising part is very low.

oh there was the company's bday party today oso, went for a short while and said hi to the President of Capcom. he's really very very kind to us, always inviting us for the 誕生日会 (bday party) even though it wasn't our party. so everytime (every 2 months) i go, i'll make sure i say hi to him and speak to him and just smile and say yes when he asks questions cos seldom is the answer no haha. that makes him happy enuff. (^-^) & also ensures he remembers my face for future career purposes. hehe.. but having been in the corporate planning side had its advantages. all the big shots knew my face and knew me and i had spoke to them personally sometime or other b4 and i always greet them when i see them too. well.. the rest dun seem to have the EQ for working culture (?) in japan or any country, to get ahead, u have to at least network even if you don't like it. by skipping every office party or any chance you might have to talk to the CEO, you are just killing your chances of moving up the corporate ladder, especially in a large company. ur sup can evaluate u well, of cos, but if there is a good word from even higher management, compared to the guy that management dunno, who will get the promotion? the other trainees are older than me in age but seriously, mentality-wise, i think they need to think further. the female trainees at least. all they care about here is saving money saving money. invite them for dinner oso say i choose exp places. siao ah. i eat out like 2 times a month of cos i go to nicer places la. why torture myself? not like we realli lack money or wat. okie la, i am digressing, but at least the President didn't forget bout setting up the singapore branch and he mentioned he will be going to singapore this year for this matter. phew.

oh .. i also made bento for Ryo today. hehe .. not on purpose actually, i cooked nuo4 mi3 fan4 last nite and i had cooked extra so that i can bring to work today. but after i put the rice in to the lunchbox after dinner, i realised it was a little too much for me.. so i told him i was bringing him a bento today and just repacked the rice into 2 smaller boxes heh. ai4 xin1 fan4 he2.. it was delicous of cos. for him, it was a good change from the bread he had been eating at his desk these few weeks cos he was too busy to go eat lunch at all, and for me, i pretty much hated the cafeteria food, and the nuo mi fan i made myself so it was super 美味しい~ with chilli sauce somemore .. haha. finished every last grain of rice. haiz but pity i came back too late tonite and forgot to bring back my lunch box .. so no more home-cooked food tomorrow. :(


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