Monday, February 20, 2006


because the love of my life is back safe and sound from the land of guns, i'm feeling pretty cheery despite being almost late this morning, i'm having cramps and that i'm being asked to make amendments on that stupid excel thing again! ...

but anyway.. went to surprise him at the airport last night and took the taxiservice back with him together.. it was soo good to see him again, dunno why just so overwhelming that i began sniffling. (#-.-#) but went back with him.. sat around while he unpacked and after that he started telling me all bout his trip. i haven had anything to eat so he gave me a muffin his parents bought from Okinawa and after i finished it, he was so sweet and he had his eyes shut and was waiting for me to kiss him. wahaha.. it was very very cute and he had never done such a thing b4.. like a erm... girl? hmm.. and he started asking me bout how to use skype and all to make overseas calls etc and asked if i used it etc. i hope that actually means he's thinking of how we're going to communicate in future and not cos he wants to use to chat with other people overseas ..(-.-) in the end left his place at bout 10pm? just chit chatting and checking up for holiday plans for next month and it was really relaxing just to be there with him again. and he was going to send me to a nearer to my house station for me to go back but when we went down, his car wouldn't start, the battery was dead i think, and i had to go back via a longer way myself. (T.T) so we parted downstairs and it was like when u were a teenager and had to say bye at the gate and then the good bye kisses are always so she3 bu4 de2 and lingering. it felt really really sweet and i hope things are going to be all ok from now on..


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