Friday, February 17, 2006

the 1001st


i think i'm going to have a nervous breakdown soon. this is wat comes out of handling excel day in day out. the same stupid freaking file that is linked to 5 other files and when u update one damn file u have to update 5 damn file separately. u wan to noe why they are not combined into 1 file? because my boss wants to reduce the file size of each file so instead of linking by fomulas, we just cut and paste the numbers. EVERYTIME SOME STUPID CHANGES ARE MADE!! and today, i realised that the person at the tokyo side who was in charge of submitting the info from tokoyo messed up my whole file. changed my formulas etc etc and format and all that. and caused me to have to crawl through her whole file (about 10MB!!!!) to find out why the figures don't match!!! and of cos when you open one can of worms, other worms find their way out. and in the process found a whole other ton of mistakes she had made in the file. wah liu!!! don't u people check ur work b4 submitting!?

dulan. very dulan. now taking a breather cos i just finished up adding stuff (again) my sup wanted and updating the other 5 files and sent to him while he is still on the phone. ... headache and i actually feel like crying. when he told me just now, i have to email people to give them a final chance to edit the numbers, i was on the verge of breaking down liao . what went thru my head was "WAT?! i'M supposed to give these dumbos a chance to mess up my file again!? and i have to pick up the shit again?! but of cos i just became very quiet and dunno what to say oso. my sup was apologetic but i guess this is just part of the job. the worst part is that i'm just a trainee. if i was at least a normal employee, i dun feel that i have to be so nice to the idiots who can't even follow instructions. i can yell at them to make them cry instead. at least i should be thankful that budgeting comes only once a year. (T.T) Japanese companies are too nice in that they dun fire incompetant workers and these gives them the chance to become more complacent and leech off others' work & gain credit to have pretended to have done some work themselves. not if u work for me. u can't do things right, i'll definitely not be so kind. suddenly all the dilbert comics and the idiots who work with him come into my mind..


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