Saturday, February 18, 2006


watching a tale of 2 sisters now. damn freakish even though i'm only watching the ending and don't really understand the story at all. its actually not a tale of an evil step mother as everyone had been made to believe but more of a psychotic problem of one of the sisters. but the step mother wasnt evil so i dunno why in the end she kena-edthe shost oso. hmm. but the part with the damn figure climbing out from under the bed is shitty. i hate such scenes. or mirror scenes.

went to gifu today with HS, JL and wira and damn freakin expensive it was. i didn't expect to take shinkansen (bullet train) and we did that and overall transport only cost like 23000 yen?! thats about $300+++ !? for a stupid day trip.. the train ride in total was like 4 hours there and 4 hours back .. so 8 hours!? haiz. in the end we went to 岐阜, a snow covered area and it was quite nice actually. sunny and yet covered with snow. the weather was very clear today. but the place had nothing much to see becos we didn't plan a longer trip and i wasn't planning on spending so much money. so we had to just go around the 高山 area and see the cultural village and also just wandered around the streets until the last train. (at 6.49pm..duh)

okie la but the whole place was quite nice.. for us to have snowball fight and all. hehe.. and i made snow angels. okie will be uploading photos soon i suppose.

had a very good time at the farewell party for Inoda-san on friday nite. our table had Shinzato-san and Tamoto-san and they were very very funny. and we got to know Tamoto-san alot better. she likes techno music! wont be able to tell that bout her if u saw her photo... she's so petite and cute! hehe.. but hmm will also post up photos and tell that story tomorrow. tired liaozzzz..


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