Thursday, February 23, 2006


i hate starhub. they disconnected my line, charged me the contract penalty, then charged me reconnection fee again to suspend my line without notification at all. wat the hell?! and i'm damn dulan cos my mom was supposed to call and get all the payment waived.. instead she stupidly gave in and paid the reconnection fee. so if they buay song u they can just disconnect and reconnect your line and keep charging u $20 each time?! i hate her defeatist attitude and the fact is that i PAID a stupid $5 per month to suspend, suspension is not even free. and u just cut me off without trying all the ways to inform me? if i move house how? nv call my house, nv email me, just sent a letter that got lost in the mail and u charge me for that. KNN!!!! ok lor. i been supporting u loyally so long, this is how u treat me, i am just going to cancel the line when i come back and switch fully to Singtel. ur service area sux, i can't get signal in my room at home, and yet i stick with u.. but this is too much man. u truly dun really care bout your current subscribers, we have no upgrade offers, only new subscribers. good luck. here's another person jumping ship.

it was a bad evening yesterday.

besides that starhub fiasco, spoke to him and apparently our talk of 2 nights ago seems to have gone right out of his head again. i totally heart grey will cold liao . (xin1 hui1 yi4 leng3) ... i am not going to wait around anymore. i am not going to be his when i go back unless we are already married and if we are not.. sorry.. u are free to look for japanese girls u think will suit ur idea of a perfect life better than me. and i will be free to plan for my career and life for myself. kns. wats the diff? decide early got time to plan. only 4 months left. how many more months are u going to wait? i can afford to wait but i dont want to. i hate the feeling of insecurity. i hate this dating game going on for endless cycles without moving anywhere. how is it moving forward? no arguments, me caring alot less that i dun ask u or tok to u about stuff animore.. that shows the relationship getting better? u better wake up ur idea soon, not only when i am gone and then u wake up too late regretting everything.


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