Tuesday, February 21, 2006

1005 - feb 21st

this date seems very familiar some how.. 21st feb. is it someone's birthday? if it is and i can't remember who u are, happy birthday anyway...

had a dream bout my parents, the 2nd time this week. the dream was about them getting ready to go on a business trip to France to see some trade exhibition. i dunno how they were going to managed but it was nice seeing them without them nagging at me. i hope this is not a premonition of anything bad going to happen.

you should nv jinx ur relationship by saying things are going to be ok. because the moment u say that, things go all wrong again. quick question, would u choose to spend a friday nite drinking with some frens from uni that u were not very close with or ur gf on a friday nite? if u tell me that u're not close to them, why are u even bothering to meet them? he gave me the counter argument that if i go back to singapore would i be meeting my frens? i would say yes and i would not be here in japan then so u can do watever u want at the time too anyway. i'm only asking for ur time here now because i AM here. what rubbish is he talking?! its pretty obvious he doesn't much treasure the time we spend together. and b4 this. in dec & nov, he had been using the excuse of meeting this group of not very close frens to lie to me and meet some stupid girl his relative had intro-ed. how to believe him again this time? when i say intro me then, since u have nothing to hide, he will hmm and haw and tell me cannot, no one bringing their other half and it will be weird blah blah blah. to hell with u. i started crying even though we were in starbucks and he didn't offer me a single piece of tissue. it was so disappointing that after almost a year, i am still being treated as though i am supposed to be accepting of everything he wants to do.


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