Friday, March 03, 2006

1011 - the one with the last minute work

my boss has taken to giving me new work instructions at 5.00pm almost everyday recently.

Not only is it irritating, the inconsideration of the whole thing totally pisses me off. when i have had nothing to do the whole day and you only turn around at 5pm to give me new work when people are almost knocking off. then by that u force me to stay until 7pm _ ? when i could have completed the work asap in the day.

and i'm stuck comparing 2 disgusting worksheets to find out why the numbers dun match. WHY WHY WHY!? i've compared every single column, all the numbers correct wor.. why the sum dun match!! :X

and after 2 hours and all methods of comparison, i've realised its tokyo's idiotic person's fault again. copy and paste cannot even copy right! the number wasn't calculated into the total because of them changing the heading. wah liu!!!!

pekchek.. but at least its friday again!


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