Wednesday, March 08, 2006

1014 uber zzz


today right? international women's day.

why they chose this date to be the women's day?! very mean lei. i'm sure its some MCP who chose this date. to make a joke out of all women. okie la.. i dun care one way or another. i am neither 三八 nor a 婦女 . so i am still safe from the day.

my colleague in Mixi (the jap frenster thing) said that everyone around her seemed to be getting married. cousins, colleagues, frens. well.. i would think its natural, given that she's already 28.. but then she's still single, no bf even.. maybe still enjoying singlehood bah.

i dun think i am the type to be a swinging single party girl. i dun have that many close frens to start with (the image of the party girl who's happy single is always the kind that has many very close gal pals she hangs out with).. and i prefer just concentrating & focusing my energy & effort on 1 person at a time. the only group outings that i really enjoy are the ones with the sixoneders. but other than that, group outings really drain me. there's no focus, everyone seem to be fighting to get their opinion heard, and the conversation is very superficial most of the time. and there are usually people that u can't stand in group outings as well and to prevent offending anyone, (or from accidentally saying something mean to the person u dislike) its usually best to not speak too much at such gatherings. for me at least. so in the end, these outings become an outing where i am listening to other people blabber and me thinking in my head when will this end and trying not to look bored. :x at least 1-to-1 outings, the 1 person u go out with, is confirmed someone u wan to hang out with, be it ur best fren, ur boyfren, ur good fren or just a long time no see pal. well.. if i jio u out means i enjoy ur company alot lor.. (^-^) life is short.. no time to waste on entertaining or hanging out with people u don't enjoy spending time with ね~

lookin forward to sg food again at least for the week. going to spend more time with my family this time round. since i prolly be away for the rest of my life after the bond.. even though its not for another 2 months yet.. can't help but start planning all the activities & food i'm gonna do and eat liaoz!


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