Sunday, March 12, 2006

attitude Problem

me? i dun think i have attitude problem.

some people have though.

i dun understand why the other trainees dun seem worried that we might have no jobs when we go back. or why he doesn't seem to worry about how we are going to communicate when i go back. everything so uncertain. i dun like.

but wkend was spent indoors. it was raining. i think the other trainees went snowboarding but i didn't go. didn't want to. they are not considerate of others when they tour. if i hungry and they are not, they wont care bout me and just say they are not hungry. i tot it was just me but they also did that to grace. so of cos i dun wan to join them animore. would rather go touring with a loving bf who will take care of me and not bochup me. aniway, places i want to go is always last, its always those places they wanna go first. and its always damn boring la. all scenery & cultural places. places u have to trapse around, trek to or wat. tiring.

aniway... next week going somewhere else to tour with ryo. will upload photos after that. zzoboed in the room this whole wkend, cooked meesiam for sat's lunch and pancakes for today. had korean pot 鍋料理 チジミ (chijimi?) last nite for dinner with him and we are trying to cook oden tonight. hah. hopefully that turns out well..


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