Thursday, March 09, 2006

1015: going into vegetative mode

how strange.

after i left the comment on my tagboard last night about how there hasn't been any Kimura Takuya magazine covers in months, immediately this morning, there appeared one on the newstand.

Men's Non-No or something. men's fashion magazine. don't worry jac, i bought for u liaoz! looked thru it and the pictures of him were pretty delicious..


its really hard to wake up when i'm alone even though i wake up much later than when i stayed over at his place. and i sleep earlier oso. really dun understand why. with him, i am forced to wake up at 6.40am and i managed to get ready by 7.15am? make up done and all. but in my room, i can't wake up until 7.20am sometimes and i have to rush to get ready by 7.41am else i'll miss my favourite train. (with lots of space to stand and no need to get touched by disgusting men and i can play my PSP or NDS)

the only days when i can get ready on time is if i wake up at 6.40am to cook my lunch. it actually doesn't take much time to prepare lunch in the morning, contrary to wat most people think. wake up at 6.40am, put the rice in the rice cooker immediately. put the pan on the stove at full heat to heat it while i go toilet and wash up. after washing up, come out put oil in the pan to heat. in the meantime, look in the fridge and see wat there is to cook. and conjure up some menu with the ingredients. after bout 2 min, if wan to cook vegetables, wash and pluck and throw in pan immediately. if meat, wash and put in pan immediately. add salt. let it simmer. see got wat other ingredients. after bout 5 min, add other seasoning. and stir fry abit. and throw in more ingredients. if water needed, add some water. simmer abit, stir fry abit, if no smell add more seasoning. usually I'll add soy sauce, oyster sauce or black vinegar. and some sauce with chopped chilli & garlic inside. hehe. but anyway, first dish is usually done in 15 min at most, latest by 7.00am? then i'll just fry an egg with the leftover oil and leave it to cook while i wash face. by 7.05am everything done, rice oso done, put in lunch box, and then leave it while i change and put on make up. my make up is done by 7.33am (i started at 7.20am) so still have some time to pack my bag and the lunchboxes. (^-^) very fast right? and more healthy and more to my taste too. save money as well. wahaha


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