Sunday, March 19, 2006

1019 okinawa pics

have uploaded most of the pics.. except for the last few of him/him with me since those are private anyway.. haven't labeled them yet.. but feel free to look..

the Okinawa pics

there's quite a ton of them so please be patient..
some of them here:
the castle ruins overlooking okinawa

saw nemo in the aquarium

finally at a beach!!
my first okinawa beach experience

in the peace park
at the peace memorial park

doing some free advertising for coke..

but end of it.. i would say i love okinawa and if i had the chance to i would stay there. the lazy island life.. the proximity to so many natural wonders and the beautiful beaches and the breezy warm weather. haiz. it was very depressing to come back to a colder than b4 osaka.


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