Saturday, March 18, 2006

guess where i am now

i am at hotel grand mer now..

that means large sea hotel..

and i can see the sea from my room because it's on the 9th floor..

and if u still can't tell where i am, i'll tell u.

i'M in OKINAWA!! 沖縄!

hehe.. ok la.. i guess its not that exciting but have always wanted to see the beautiful beaches and experience the culture/weather here after watching beach boys (the jap drama). The weather is a very very welcome change after the winter ( i think its still winter) and its bout 24 degrees here on the sunny day. the only way you can tell its still winter is that the wind is super strong and chilly (when it blows) and it keeps raining every 2 days. those humongous showers. pity. I have seen the beaches though.. and waded in the waters of this beautiful place. wahahaha!! so happy! have picked some shells for keepsakes, and they have this humongous 3-block sized DFS Galleria that applies to domestic travellors! have gone wild shopping there, mainly face products since it is like at least 20% cheaper from mainland jApan. woohoo!! so happy...

have been here for 3 days.. tomorrow going to the beach one last time in the morning and then going home to cold dreary osaka again (T.T) bleah!!! unwilling to go because here is warmer and the place reminds me of Singapore so much. so much US food, so much fatty pig's legs cuisine.. i had tacos for dinner today and thai food for dinner last night. yummmy! and i took so many photos i had to buy another 256MB memory card here.. which was a very difficult thing to do because this place has no electronics shop apparently.. had to drive around until i reach those big hypermarts and buy from there. (o.O) and there's pao pao cha here! (bobo/pearl milk tea!) the brand is Quickly.. what we have in SG too! but of cos the price is 300 yen (bout $5?) so haha.. not worth drinking..

will post up picts tomorrow or monday i think.. look out for them!


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