Tuesday, March 14, 2006

1017 meanie me

actually wrote something in the office today to be put up but its pretty mean so i shall only blog it when i realli feel super duper pissed off at the trainees.

today was White Day! think this is unique to japan, where guys gave girls gifts in return for having received something on Valentine's Day. most guys reciprocate with chocolates, some guys splurge on handkerchiefs (i dun understand that) or jewellery. i received 3 gifts today. this year is much much better than last year, when i received nothing. wahaha. so i received a box of cookies from Tze Wei, one of the trainees, a box of something from my ex-team leader Matsuzawa-san, something to eat but i couldn't bear to open it because the box was tied up sooooo nicely.

from 松澤T-長
Ryo gave me a box of pralines from he bought from Tokyo yesterday, made by a German confectionery and i haven't took a picture of it yet but it looks great too! yay!

i went to buy vitamin b-12s from the pharmacy today. the pain was really alleviated when the doctor gave me those last week, so maybe i really am suffering from a deficiency. hmmm....

i went to find a pair of drawstring berms/pants today and i couldn't find any. they dun seem to sell it in japan at all! i want those kind with elastic and the string and kinda translucent and flimsy and will cling to my figure type. not the thick kind that will make my butt look big and shapeless and my legs look very thin. i was trying on tailored shorts in Zara but i couldn't wear those kind cos my thighs were tooo thin! ... ironic how i'm suffocating in jeans but these things i really wanna wear make my legs look like sticks. grrrr....

am taking a look at the business japanese certifications now.they actually don't look that difficult and i believe with a little hard work i could possibly pass it. hmmm....


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