Tuesday, March 21, 2006

1020 aching buttocks

today is the 春分の日 holiday here in japan, the land of many public hoidays with weird names.

ok this is actually not so weird, in english, its known as the spring equinox day but i think Japan is one of the few countries that made it a public holiday. the weird holidays would be 海の日、day for the elderly etc. those ... i dun really see the meaning.

so i woke up at 5.15am today when ryo called. i was supposed to have woken him up at 4.45 am for the ski trip when i woke up in case he overslept but instead i overslept and when i didN't call him when i said i would, he knew that i needed some waking up. i would have woken up on time if i hadn't started watching pride last night on my PC which had Eng subtitles and with eng subs and improved jap from half a year ago, the light dawned on me for many many parts of the show and it was difficult to stop watching once i had started. -.-

but anyway.. today went to a place called Yogo Berg. reminds me of Yogi Bear. -.- but Yogo is a city name in Shiga prefecture. and the weather conditions were shitty. cloudy first, then slate. (is that wat u call a rain when its ice instead of water but not big enuff to be hail?) then heavy rain. then slate. and the snow on the ground was more like ice le. the ski trails were oni bout 300 m i suppose. can finish the slope in 1-2 min. ... not like hokkaido. humph! lesson learnt today: nv ski on icy snow. it hurts like shit when u fall and the snow is actually quite dirty. and that it is more slippery than snowy so the ski-ing was harder to control compared to real snow. haiz. i miss hokkaido... so i fell a few times near to the end when i was tired and sprained my wrist which has become slightly swollen. and a big bruise on my butt cos there was a slope they labeled as beginner's slope so ryo persuaded me to go with him since it was longer than the front end beginner's slope. so i went.. it was ok at the beginning. then suddenly, as we went round a curve, the trail become a steep drop of almost 60 degrees. cautiously stepping to the edge of it, i saw casualties littering the slope, all victims. some kids were even crying after having fallen for like the 5th time within the short dist of the 20m steep trail. i decided i was too chicken to attempt this and precariously took off my skis. plonked my butt with the skis across my knees and slid the whole way down. at least 50-60m i think. due to the steepest part curving to another steep part which was hidden from view. argh. end of the ride, butt burning from the sliding, butt aching from the sliding and butt drenched from the sliding. was so tired & i think i was having cramps so i slept the whole way back in the car.

pictures will be up soon, back to work tomorrow... nitez!


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