Monday, March 27, 2006

1023 Sakura

its almost sakura season again.

the flowers have already half-bloomed in tokyo and in osaka, i think some buds are appearing on the trees but it's still early. the weather here is still horrendously chilly and despite it being spring on the calendar already, i totally don't agree. what spring?! i am still shivering everyday while walking home and i have lost like 2-3kg this winter. argh..

on the bright side, i did my hair for only 10 thousand yen! went for a digital perm, and the curls really look like this:

of course i'm prettier than this girl hehe (#^-^#)

with my fringe abit shorter (above eyes) & thicker and the top abit more curly and volume. if i dun comb my hair and wear specs.. cannot make it.. haiz. but if i do some makeup and arrange the curls, actually look quite cute .. (i'm not consoling myself!) hmm abit like those little eurasian kids with cubby faces and curly locks plastered on their heads like dolls. hehe. but i do miss the straight hair. change of image i guess. no pics, cos haven had the chance to look nice enuff to take a pic and post it up yet...

was wavering btw straightening my hair and doing the perm (cos it seems like the trend in Japan and all the girls look so pretty after that.. ) then decided to do the perm just to try out since it only lasts for bout 2 months plus. if i do straightening, it will last for a year and i won't be able to try other new styles in between. and i think i prolly will colour my hair back to a little more brownish ? the black hair doesn't look good when my hair isn't straight.. think i looked the best last july (my hair haha):
so will prolly go back to this colour again hmm.

ok.. enuff bout my hair.

bad quarrel with Ryo on thurday nite, bout the future again wat else. hmm but i guess its resolved (?) and spent the wkend together with me doing nothing and him studying/working. got a huge huge scare when i tot i lost my ring from okinawa.. its my only souvenir! but luckily, i tot i remembered hearing a "clink" sometime during the nite and his mom was able to recover it for me at the stairs at his place. phew.

seriously did nothing cos my mind is a big blank when i try to recall saturday. went supermarket in the evening together, had spaghetti for dinner.. and sunday i cooked fried noodles for lunch and we made beef stew together for dinner. 美味しかった!! haha. but i didn't realise beef stew took so much time to cook.. (at least 2 hours) even with the stew mix. the idea came from the crayon shinchan anime when i was watching tv & shinchan made the stew with his dad. hehe..

but anyway.. back to the workweek again. can't wait for the coming weekend. wahah . nothing happening in particular.. but erm.. well no need to go to work mah ahha


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