Friday, March 24, 2006

1022 friday again

friday again.

i'm looking at the calendar and after 16 more fridays, I will be back in Singapore again. so fast huh. which means only 16 more weeks? wow. last year the end seemed so far away but now it seems to be rushing up to me like an express train. i dun wan!! i want time to stop!! ok la. not realli. i want time to stop at when i was in okinawa, not on a friday evening 5 min b4 work ends. i think that could be a torture in hell, put the slacker in the part of hell where its forever looping the last five minutes till the end of work. eternal suffering. so near and yet never getting to leave work. sadistic huh.

although after i come up with such thoughts i will also be thinking, is this wat we are supposed to do? randomly at some point in your life come up with your worst nightmare, and then as a cruel joke, God or some higher being will put u there after death. u can't complain, since you came up with the scenario yourself. hmmm. but to counter that.. don't ever think of your worst nightmares, think of all these "great" situations you will enjoy after death. heh. then i guess there is a less chance of being sent to the torture chambers that you will enjoy huh. hoho.


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