Tuesday, March 28, 2006

1025 midweek midweek

this is one of the games Capcom makes that i like better
Phoenix Wright Tokyo Game Show Trailer
Phoenix Wright is one of the games i enjoyed more. no killing no nothing, searching for clues to solve crimes, Phoenix Wright is a lawyer who has to save his clients from being sentenced to imprisonment. formerly designed for GBA, it was only sold in Japan as gyakuten saiban (逆転裁判)but the DS version has been localised and its sold both in US and Europe. the stories are pretty engrossing and i actually know the people whose voices are in the english version! hoho..

I'm playing with the face heritage site now.. and i got these results:(in chronological order, I've tried to upload my face with pics taken since last year..)

Mar 2005:
face recognition mar05

Apr 2005: (yay Maggie Cheung!)
face recognition apr05

May 2005:
face recognition may05

June 2005:
face recognition jun05

July 2005: (erm this is abit unbelievable)
face recognition july05

Aug 2005:
face recognition aug05

Sep 2005:
face recognition sep05

Oct 2005:
face recognition oct06

Nov 2005:
face recognition nov05

Dec 2005:
face recognition dec05

Jan 2006:
face recognition jan06

Feb 2006:
face recognition Feb06

Mar 2006:
face recognition mar06-01

face recognition song

Apparently, I keep getting this girl called Jang Nara for the resemblance thing. she's a korean pop diva. yay!! hehe so i do look famous.. and i look more like a korean hmmmm....

i think i look cuter la.. she looks abit old here.. but she is 1 year older after all hoho..

so in conclusion, i look korean and thai and abit of maggie cheung. hahaha


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