Sunday, April 02, 2006

1029 : the rainy weekend

we celebrated our one year together at a brunch buffet today(^-^)

its actually a day early.. but since tomorrow is a work day.. hmm.. we decided not to give each other presents and we went to an Italian restaurant at Ritz Carlton Osaka called Spendidos.. it was sooo sooo delicious! alot of small stuff (u noe european food la.. quantity will spoil ur taste buds or something) so we had to keep going for portions of stuff.. but i enjoyed the roast beef most of all but it was quite embarrassing to keep going for servines of it. surprisingly, even though the price was so steep and no children rates, there were so many families there. i guess this really shows the affluence of the Japs.. apparently sons of rich families are known as Bons in Japan, so i saw this family with 3 sons (they looked very rich and the kids had blazers on for this sunday brunch) and i kept thinking of the song "shake ur bon bon, shake your bon bon, shake your bon bon .. ♪" hee hee..

after that..

we walked around Diamaru and we saw these:

these were engagement rings from a brand Vendome Aoyama..

and so .. with a bit of persuasion.. he bought me one..

hee .. but i shan't say which one yet.. maybe u can guess which ring i picked.
and the price / carat? :p

but haven't got it yet, my finger size is kinda small, so we requested for a made-to-order one with new stones and all and it would take a month or so~ for it to be ready.. (^-^) yay!


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