Thursday, April 13, 2006

1044: hmmmm

hmm... i dunno why Blogger suddenly up-ed my post count by 10? its kinda weird .

anyway.. we had a farewell party for Yoshida-san last night.
This is Yoshida-san (guy in the middle):
Yatsuda-san, Yoshida-san, Kana-san
but this is not a photo of the party. wahahah

i forgot to take any pics last night actually.

we had a farewell party for him cos he was leaving for US, to be part of the management at the Capcom USA office. he's one of the more talkative type, and he loves doing imitations of other people which is damn funny as well. but anyway.. the party last night, it was abit .. not so fun. it was at first, until the topic turned to complaints bout some managers/team leaders in other departments. they had made up nicknames for these people and it wasnt very nice of them. and for like 2 hours, they complained and complained. argh. of cos, as a trainee, i just sat and absorbed the gossip.

but anyway.. the party was supposed to be a welcome party as well for Mizuda-san, a newcomer to the corporate planning side. she is the splitting image of Karen (yes karen hong of 99s61) except abit more chubby? even mannerisms oso like her.. which totally reinforces my theory that every one has a twin somewhere out there in the world. seriously. i mean, u've heard of people saying "i thought i saw u somewhere? " when u actually are like maybe in another part of the world? u will of cos shrug it off as impossible, but is it one-time occurrences? or have more than one person told u that? a little bit creepy .. but i've seen so many people here that look like my frens in SG except differences in Hairstyle and i have to take second look at their actions/hear them speak to realise they are not them.

okok.. but back to the party.. i tot it wasn't too good for everyone to be bad mouthing or complaining while she was there listening.. hmm .. aniway.. the dinner dragged on and on and just Ko-ed when i reached home. had to wake up early to wash my hair again today. :( and had no time to cook lunch of cos grrr... dun care tomorrow i must bring my lunch!

photo of the day:

remember i said b4 that the mascot of Awajishima 淡路島 is an onion? here he is.. 玉ちゃん tamachan his name is. wahah.. short form for tamanegi / 玉葱. very cute but an onion as a mascot?!


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