Wednesday, April 12, 2006


last nite 心血来潮 (xin1 xue4 lai2 chao2) , decided to make lunch box to bring to work today.. cos i had stopped for 2 wks and i just couldn't stand the canteen food anymore. (again) hah. aniway.. it was really cost-savings. i bought groceries of about 2500yen every week and i make lunch mostly for 2 people.. so for this week:

Monday: Dinner
Tuesday: Dinner
Wednesday: Lunch X 2, Dinner
Thursday: Lunch X 2, Dinner
Friday: Lunch x 2 (maybe)

so that's like 10 meals in total and only 250yen per meal? if i eat in the canteen, its at least 300yen everytime for yucky food lor.. wahahha! and the portions for each meal is not miserly or anything.. and alot of variety.. got mushrooms, prawns, sotong, chicken/beed/pork, vegetables/potato/tomato.. not bad huh ? and some more its something different every meal! and i can add as much chilli sauce as i want, which is the most important part of bringing my own food! (^-^)

had enuff of sightseeing last week since i've covered alot more places i've not been to.. have to study for the bizness jap test coming up in June. i've been doing too much blogging/surfing at work liao, which sorta pushed me off the momentum of being able to study the full 8 hours at work. darn. and my boss is on leave today which gives me even more time to do my own things ... (#^-^#) & Ryo has to study for his finance test in June too which gives him no time to accompany me to sightsee at all so its some form of motivation for me to study with him bah. my June is so packed already.. his test ends on June 3, mine is on June 18? i wanna finish study b4 going back to Sg for the holiday.. else sure die.. and have planned to go Hiroshima during one of the wkends in June, treat his frens to dinner for always having me at their gatherings.. pack my stuff.. argh!!! no time le!!!

today's pic:

no, i still am not pro-gay, just that this guy is very popular in japan now. He's known as Hard Guy (HG for short) and he's part of the Yoshimoto comedian troupe from Osaka. he's the kind of flamboyant gay who waves his arms around and makes alot of "Woo!" sounds so i am pretty grossed out by him. whether he's gay or not no one really knows except his gf(if he has one) or him i guess haha. but his super short shorts (hot pants??) pretty much freak me out and he always bend over so all in all, its quite obscene. yux!

ok time to study and zobo (more weightage on the 2nd item i think? :p) tata!


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