Wednesday, April 05, 2006

1031 : the sec school frens

i met Liling and Baoying last night! woohoo!

i wouldn't say i missed them but we haven't met in 5-6 years? but it was good to see them again and catch up on all the news about the 4/10 people. i haven't been in touch with anyone except Yinnah at all these years and we haven't even met for these past 5-6 years also. everyone is attached i think and Liling showed me a photo of her and her bf in her wallet where he wasn't wearing a top and she was wearing a towel. wahahahah .. wonder wat they had been up to huh.. (actually they just had a dive or something or so she says .. hmm.. )

but i think they not really enjoying the food here.. so maybe i'll bring them to eat some western food later. heh. just the shakey's buffet actually, cheap and good. actually not very sure if they are on a budget trip else i would bring them to the taiwan steamboat place liaoz.

oh latest updates regarding the ring..

hehe not this ring.. but the other one. they were able to change it to size 4 but the ring would be elliptical (slightly) but i think its kinda weird. anyway.. asked ryo to ask them to send a copy of the new design for my size to see how elliptical it is over and then we can decide after that whether to still have that ring or to change to other designs. .. but its not my fault that my finger's so thin!


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