Tuesday, April 11, 2006

1034: 猿ぼぼ

i have decided to share a photo a day. some random photo in my flickr acct everyday wahah.

this is today's photo: can u guess wat is it?
piggy bank of the sarubobo

this is a さるぼぼ (sarubobo)

monkey baby? hehe its the mascot of Takayama in Gifu. i dunno why they choose the monkey to be their mascot but then Awajishima's mascot is an onion -.- so i guess this is not so bad. aniway.. the pic is of a sarubobo coin bank. not bad huh. a little bright thats all.

anyway.. yesterday finally had some work but managed to rush out everything in a day and complete it properly. hoho. reached home, had pasta for dinner, played abit of sims and managed to sleep early. for a change. spring is finally coming.. cos i could sleep comfortably in shorts without freezing again. yay!!


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