Friday, April 07, 2006

1032 : sightseeing

i been out of touch with the world for the past 2 days due to liling & Baoying being here.

been meeting them for dinner everynight since tuesday, and i reach home usually after 12 cos time just seems to have passed so quickly. and when i reach home, i'm so tired (it gets worse the next day and the next next day) and its too late for me to bathe and wash my hair and let my hair dry b4 i sleep so i have to wake up the next morning at 6 to bathe and wash my hair and blowdry it as well for work. very very tired. :x almost dozing off as i type this in the office as well. and i been waking up at 6am and sleeping at 1am for the past 3 days liao. i'm almost dead.

yesterday i took the day off and we went to Nara. 奈良 its a place near osaka, famous for having the biggest buddha statue in the whole Japan. its bigger than the one in Kamakura (yokohama) by at least 2 times. awesome. anyway.. apparently Nara park itself is humongous and has like at least 6 shrines and temples within it. and i dunno why, but of the shrines are World Heritage Sites as designated by UNESCO. we couldn't see anything special with these places except maybe they had more rocks than other places. haha.. or more stone carvings? but some were so nondescript that we had to circle around the same place for 4 times and backtrack etc because we couldn't find the place at all. weird.

but it took us the whole day (until 5pm! ) to just finish 5 heritage sites in the park which had deer roaming everywhere and the place smelt of shit ahha. and we went back to osaka at 6pm and i took them to Yodobashi Camera after we took a rest in their hotel. yesterday was freaking cold (10 degrees in the day! and very very windy). i saw the weather forecast and like almost every other place in the Kansai region was reaching near 20 degrees celsius in temperature but osaka was barely 15. why!!?!?!

the sakura trees are out but osaka still has most of them unbloomed. boring. couldn't take like beautiful sakura pics yesterday at all, the trees were pretty scarce.

departmental dinner tonite. feel like skipping it cos i really really need some good sleep. tomorrow i have to wake up at 6am again. on a saturday. cos have to bring them to kyoto. (T.T)


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