Friday, April 14, 2006

1045 : Luck

how can a day be like both the luckiest and unluckiest day of my life???

yesterday morning. VERY SUAY!!

i had already reached level 1 of the train station when my shoes broke. you know the type of slippers with ur toes clinging on to the middle? i was wearing that kind of open-toed heels. so if the middle broke, totally cannot walk already right? thats precisely wat happened. ARGH! i just stood there not knowing wat to do, should i run barefoot and catch the train but how was i going to walk to work etc etc? panic sia.. it was a taxi stand i was standing at and i was like thinking i couldn' t possibly survive the days without shoes and i could walk nowhere (it was 10 min walk from the station to my place) and would surely be late for work. in the end, took a cab back home.. duh.. the starting fare was 660 yen (about $11?)and asked the driver to wait for like 2 min while i ran up and changed to shoes (sneakers slip-ons) that totally did not go with my 3-quarter pants. colour was all wrong too but there wasn't time to change since i didn' t want the taxi meter to run and run while i was changing. so anyway, i raced downstairs.. the driver was still waiting for me and i was actually quite surprised. cos i mean, i could just run away without paying wor. so i asked him to take me back to the station and in the end the final fare was still 660 yen . wahah. heng ah.

but it was a bad start to a new day.. and i felt very grouchy cos i looked uncoordinated liao. and i that i had missed my fav spacious train and had to squeeze in the later train. bah! (-.-)

so later in the day, i was reading the game mag Famitsu (ファミ通) and was thinking that i would surprise Ryo with a game he had been saying he wanted. but i was also thinking if i could get him the Nintendo DS Lite for the belated anniversary present it would be better but no chance of that happening since no stock anywhere..

This is a DS Lite by the way:

cool huh?

so i went to Yodobashi after work.. was wandering around the games section when i saw the shop attendants holding up signboards saying "DS LITE set Sale!! 25,400 yen only" and they were shouting that out as well so i was like abit confused.. there had been no ads, no news, no nothing, was this true?? so i spoke to one of them and he said no i couldn't buy the DS lite itself, i had to buy the set and no, i couldn't pick the colour blah blah. but it was a bargain cos 2 games included and i was like thinking hmm just take a number first lor. heng i did. there was no queue cos people didnt quite catch the buzz and but by the time i paid for my purchases. the shop attendants had closed shop for the sale thing. so fast. but i had peered behind the counter and there are apparently stock of other colours too just that they are probably trying to bundle sell with games as well. grr. but YAY! now i cant help thinking (& laughing at) of the idiots who queued up overnite to get their sets while i just sauntered in by luck and bought one in less than 10 min. (^-^)

hoho.. so yah .... both the unluckiest & luckiest day sia..

so ... for the picture of the day:
Hugh Grant!

this was taken beginning of last year.. when bridget Jones was showing in Japan. (very late!!) the pic is of peiling and me but me & her has sorta fallen out or should i say i am trying to avoid cos its very difficult to hold a conversation without being attacked. and she speaks too much bad things of everyone. and critical of everything but she doesnt realise her own actions later on usually contradicts her own words. there was some huge incident last year that realli made me pretty much think that to aviod her would be better for my wellbeing. she drinks too much and cannot stop backstabbing people.. so ... hmm u noe wat i mean.

argh.. sudden onslaught of work... bye bye for now


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