Friday, April 21, 2006

1051 : headache

woke up with a tinny headache today. which i attributed to the lack of sleep.

the tinny headache became a throbbing headache as i made my way to work.

it feels like i'm having a hangover with a bit of the nauseous feeling too.. but i haven't drank anything in weeks, especially not last night. haiz. headache.

been studying for JLPT1 at work (with my boss' permission) and it is super difficult. i could read the JLPT 2 text with no problems understanding the sentences but i couldn't do that with the JLPT 1 stuff. and my concentration span is super low, i dunno why, keep looking up at the PC every few seconds to check mail or do rubbish. argh!

yesterday i wandered around Yodobashi camera after work cos new games were released every thursday. the queue and the crowd was horrendous. the new games were mainly NDS language games yesterday and i guess Japanese people are truly interested in knowledge/learning related games. the biggest hits so far are brain stimulation games. and the sales are still going strong every week. but i think i'm going to buy something too. there just came out a bunch of games that teaches thai and korean languages and i'm going to get that :) looks very interesting.. i wanna learn korean after i master jap.. is it a good idea? been listening to the learn korean cd on my ipod lately and i realise they speak alot of -yo after every sentence. i dun like the way the women sound so vulgar/crass (maybe its the actions and after watching my sassy girl heh) but i wanna noe how to read the words at least so that i dun get lost if i go free and easy touring in korea.

and i stumbled upon a going away gift for ryo. going to make something.. but not that easy.. have to think of a lot of things and the design for it.. hopefully it will make him so touched that he weeps when he sees it . wahahah! omg i'm so evil i wanna make my bf cry. (^-^)v but i bought some of the materials liaoz and hopefully i dun ruin it cos i'm so out of touch with my creative side.

but i walked around for 2 hours thinking whether i wanted to buy a art tablet for my pc too cos i wanted to play with the handwriting feature on msn so badly. it was too ex here though. the cheapest for a pen stylus and tablet was 3800 yen ($60?) and the most ex was 38000 yen ($700++) . siao! hmm we shall see wat happens..

today's pic to make u hungry:

ritz carlton chocolate piece
the chocolate piece from a cake when we had our anniversary brunch at Ritz Carlton. the customised chocolate piece was more eye-candy than delicious. bitter chocs i dun realli like. but overall, the desserts were great... and u can see more of the pics at flickr :)


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