Monday, April 17, 2006

1047: food

i had a sudden craving for duck rice. while i was washing the dishes last night, i suddenly just thought of ducks and suddenly i could smell the Jurong East duck rice's fragrant rice and herbal broth and the delicious belachan chilli and the tender duck meat covered with thick soy sauce.
YUM!! and i could barely control myself from salivating then. or now. haha. which led me to thinking bout curry fish head and all the other food i miss and b4 i knew it, i was overcome with huge wave of homesickness. away from this rubbish situation of the bond and the inefficient workings of EdiB and Capkom. (T.T)

haiz. i dun really know what i am doing at work anymore.

Picture of the day: Mos Burger
MOS Burger

they have a motto here.. "the taste of happiness everyday, Mos Burger ". wow.. big words...
but mos burger here is not cheap at all. Mac's is the cheapest fast food chain here. becos its price is actually about the same as in SG 350yen for a set meal, about $5-6? but the drink is like baby sized. i can't stand the drink sizes here. u finish the drink in like 2 gulps through the straw? ( if u got a big mouth, maybe just 1 gulp for u)


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