Wednesday, April 19, 2006

1049: pasar Malam

yesterday was the bi-monthly bday party at capcom. this time there were many of the fresh grads and i must say, the standards have largely improved. they are so cute!! (#^-^#) but a pity they are too young for me. all are from the year 1985.. my sister's age.. argh..

but after the party, we (the trainees) went to walk around this street market at the mint 造幣局 where there were lots of sakura trees. but it was the last day and it was mainly food stalls. have not been out with almost all the trainees for very long le. so it was a rare op that all of us got together. even though i was kinda unwilling. cos my feet were hurting in my heels. and peiling was drunk from the bday party. so she was speaking alot of rubbish. argh.

but aniway.. not bad in all. it was pretty ok.

Pic of the day (& of yesterday's outing):

Fearsome dog ahead.. beware!!

beware of fierce dog

aniway.. we saw this dog at one of the stalls. ironic and very cute that it had a "beware of fierce dog" sign on him wahahahah!

i didn't see it so far.. but last night i realised how stressed i was about going back to sg. and not being sure bout anything in our relationship after i go back. because he could not or would not tell me his plans, of cos me would feel uneasy. and worried. how we are going to communicate, when he will visit, etc etc etc. all these things run thru my head everyday looking for the best solution. wat will happen to my jap bank acc, my credit cards etc etc?? haiz. then i started crying as i spoke to him and i realised how much i missed sweet romantic gestures and small gifts. he didnt make me feel like a gf much, cos he didnt do such things, maybe jap guys are not so sweet to girls they just think working hard and making money to support the family is more impt but it matters to me.. presents on special days are normal i guess.. but its the small things that show alot more on normal days. hmm dunno whether i'm making any sense.. but its like if i see something in the shops that he has been wanting for a long time (and affordable) i'll get it for him cos i noe he'll be happy.. i wished he would do that for me sometimes too though :x


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