Tuesday, April 18, 2006

1048: sPring Cleaning

i did spring cleaning yesterday. literally cos it is now spring"! WAHAHA!

but seriously.. yah i did spring cleaning. i could suddenly see the move home looming ahead of me as a very difficult thing to do since my room here has almost no space to walk recently. how am i suppose to move a room home? i would need a whole empty room in my house to put my stuff. so unless i rent a place of my own or i get my parents to buy a new house with another 2 or 3 rooms, its almost impossible for me to bring back my stuff from Japan.

so i cleared at least 5 of the shopping bags from the ground.. most of them contain food i bought from touring the different places.. and cleared the stacks of leaflets i had accumulated.. gathered all my kimura takuya magazines into a bag to bring back to sg.. i realised i had no box even though i had wanted to gather the text books i needed to bring back to sg. ... i guess i have to go buy.. and also had to harden my heart to decide wat things to dump and wat not to. argh.

but the end result is available walking space, a place to sit and a more spacious room. also managed to vacuum the ground and cleaned up the vacuum cleaner. yuch. and filed my bills, cleaned up my drawers, gathered together some of the souvenirs i had gathered for the last few months. i realised i still haven't bought some of the things my frens had asked me to buy for them yet.. oops .. sorry ah.. i will try my best to bring those things back... :p

and i get irritated when people tell me irrelevant things. last night, this fren i knew from a temp job said hi to me on msn and asked me when i would be going back sg. so the conversation went:

him: you coming back sg soon?

me: in july, when the training ends.

him: oh. its good to take a break <-irrelevant remark #1

me: ?? huh? wat break? training end liao. means go back for good.

him: oh. thats good wat.

me: (getting more irritated) wats so good? i dun want the training to end!

him: why is that so?

me: because come back have to start from zero again? no job?

him: oh. then u stay in japan and work lor.

me: i have to come back serve bond.

him: u can stay in japan after the training end right? <-irrelevant remark #2

me: (i hate repeating myself, btw) no, i MUST come back sg. got bond.

him: oh. you must work in sg ah? why?<-irrelevant remark #3

me: BECAUSE i have to serve BOND!!

him: singapore job market sux. why don't you work somewhere else?<-irrelevant remark #4 (IDIOT!!)

me: (already feels like punching him) If u can give me the money to repay the bond i would gladly look for job elsewhere!

him: oh. i still looking for someone to give me money..

me: ...

wah lau! the kind of conversation u just feel like the other person is either too dumb to understand you or just not paying attention? grrrrrr...

Picture of the day: Baseball

went to my 2nd baseball game with Ryo and his gd fren from Capcom & the gd fren's gf (one of the rare occasions we went out with other couples from the office) .. aniway.. tot i would post up a pic of the game.. the players are doing their warmup swings on the field. the game was between the Hanshin tigers, osaka's home team and the swallows, which i dunno where they are from. hehe. but the game was pretty good overall, although i think we lost (awww...). the atmosphere was fun though with everyone shouting cheers (in jap ) and shouting the players' names to cheer them on.. :p everyone should definitely try to see 1 baseball game in their life at least (^-^)


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